Video Pick: Minecraft – The Story of Mojang (2012)

Who knew there was a documentary about the meteoric rise of Minecraft? It is called Minecraft: The Story of Mojang (2012) and was directed by Paul Owens. It is available via streaming and on DVD from Amazon. Here is more info from the producer’s web site: In 2009, independent video game designer Markus “Notch” Persson released a work in progress that would… Read more →

Back to School with Minecraft

Kids obsessed with Minecraft? While parents worry that all these pixels and the occasional zombie might be bad for children, a lot of school experts say they shouldn’t fret. From the New York Times: Earlier this year, for example, a school in Stockholm made Minecraft compulsory for 13-year-old students. “They learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even… Read more →

Tip: Learning Redstone

Hi! It’s Nicholas. Today I wanted to share a tip about learning Redstone. There is a good Redstone book in the Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection but I think another great way to start out learning anything in Minecraft is to watch a Minecraft video on YouTube from someone like Mumbo Jumbo. He taught me how to make really cool 3×3 piston doors and a even a… Read more →

Legos are Over. Welcome to the Minecraft Generation

Parents: are your kids completely obsessed with Minecraft? You are not alone! No doubt about it, this gaming phenomenon has taken over where Legos once reigned king for the elementary (and older) school set. As noted about Legos losing it’s panache from the New York Times: “It’s ‘Buy the box, open the box, turn to the instruction sheet, make the model, stick… Read more →

Minecraft is a Playground for AI

Microsoft has announced that it’s starting to use Minecraft as a space in which to build, test and develop new artificial intelligence systems. The new platform, developed by academics, will be made available to everyone over the summer. A team from Microsoft’s UK research lab in Cambridge has developed the new system, which is called AIX. The team claims that… Read more →